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Title: Teaching Tat Twam Asi, The Basic Concept Of Tolerance In Religion Pluralism
Other Titles: 2nd International Seminar of Interreligious and Intercultural Studies Religious Pluralism in Southeast Asia
Authors: IGK Widana
Ni Made Sukrawati
IG Widya Suksma
Keywords: Tat Twam Asi, Tolerance, Pluralism
Issue Date: 6-Dec-2018
Publisher: Unhi Press
Abstract: Tat Twan Asi is a Hindu cross-border teaching of moral decency without questioning any identity, except solely as a view and guidance to see and treat anyone as a brother. The teaching of Tat Twam Asi is based on the Sacred Vedic which contains the meaning “that is you”, then develops into “he is you, I am you and we are all the same creatures of God”. Therefore, all living things, especially humans are brothers, even though they are created with different circumstances and entities. The teaching of Tat Twam Asi is a moral commitment for each other to understand and realize each other, then implement a sense of brotherhood and attitude in tolerating behavior. Whatever is different and inherent as an entity and human identity, including in matters of religion is not a problem, it is a blessing of grace from God to commit to beautifying life in this world with breath of tolerance in the spirit of pluralism which will make relations with each other stronger, not easy to collapse let alone fall into the brink of conflict that will not bring human life to an atmosphere of peace
ISBN: 978-6A23-91636-5-5
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