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Title: APREVENTIF WABAH COVID-19, SAAT “NYEPI” (Kajian Perspetif Agama Hindu)
Authors: I Wayan Watra
I Wayan Suarda
Ni Wayan Karmini
Keywords: reventive, Covid Disease, Nyepi, Gering Agung.
Issue Date: 30-Sep-2021
Publisher: Unhi Press
Abstract: It was truly extraordinary that the Corona Covid 19 Virus plague, which hit the world, including the Indonesian people. Viruses are small infection clots made of DNA or RNA, and are wrapped in a protein coat. With its spread is very powerful, with victims continues to grow. As a result of the outbreak of Corana Covid 19 virus coincides with Nyepi day March 25, 2020, which was cited on March 26, 2020 in Indonesia experienced 790 cases, died 58 cases, and recovered 31 cases. Specifically in Bali there were 9 cases, and two foreigners died. Then on an international basis as of March 25, 2020, in the World 467,090 cases, 2,283 died, 46,316 recovered. In history, there has never been a great virus like this. This article examines more deeply, especially in Bali related to this outbreak that has similarities to the grubug gering, and how to prevent it. After reviewing, it turns out that this plague case had existed in the kingdom era in North Bali and also in southern Bali, which is called the grubug gering, which is the death of a large number of people for no apparent reason. How to prevent it can be done on a scale (scientific), following the government's instructions. Then it is combined with non-scientific (non-scientific) incentives through traditional Balinese culture such as handling grubby Grubug gering epidemics, praying by means of kitchen spices, to obtain safety for humanity.
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