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Title: Religious Conflict during the Covid 19 Pandemic
Authors: I Wayan Budi Utama
I Gusti Agung Paramita
Keywords: Religious conflict, pandemic
Issue Date: 30-Sep-2021
Publisher: Unhi Press
Abstract: Religion as a belief system can be part of the existing value system in the culture of the community concerned. Religion becomes the driving force, driving and controlling the actions of community members to keep running in accordance with cultural values and religious teachings. However, when religion actualizes itself in the lives of its adherents, then diversity is integrated into the socio-cultural value system, and is a form of physical culture which then comes into contact through social processes with other socio-cultural elements. Sociologically, religion in the reality of life will also be in contact with the fulfillment of the needs of human life, both physical-biological, social, economic, and political. This gives rise to a gap between the ideals of religion and its social reality. One form of inequality is when religion becomes a source of conflict. This happened in Bali in the midst of the Covid 19 pandemic. Therefore, the reinterpretation of religious teachings in the world of education needs to be carried out as a form of religious moderation efforts and inclusive implementation of religious teachings.
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