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dc.contributor.authorI Wayan Sukma Winarya Prabawa-
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dc.description.abstractThis paper is intended to provide an understanding for educators, students, and education regulators about the importance of local wisdom as a cultural identity in character education. This is in line with what Jimbon (2010) said. Only people's lives that have a strong character and culture will further strengthen the existence of a nation and state. In line with that, Hutcheon (1999) in his book Building Character and Culture explains that the most important of all the products of childhood learning is character; and a good measure of the success of any society is how well the task of character building is being performed. This really needs to be done, considering that educational institutions (schools and universities) which are expected to be one of the guardians of character values are not spared from the crisis, such as brawls between students, abuse of authority and power in the campus bureaucracy, radicalism / narrow fanaticism and others that lead to a character crisis. Efforts to save the educated need to be carried out through an understanding of local wisdom, as a cultural identity for character education. and (2) What local wisdom has the most role in character education in Bali in particular, in Indonesia in general?. The results of the discussion of this paper are intended to be a guide in character education in universities and schools in Indonesia. There are so many local wisdoms in Indonesia, and in this paper we will discuss local wisdom in Bali in particular, so that it can be used as a model for other researchers in analyzing local wisdom in other areas.en_US
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dc.title.alternativeLiving the New Normal: Achieving Resilience & Ensuring Sustainable Futureen_US
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