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Title: Fungsi Agama dalam Mengatasi Krisis di Era Kesejagatan.
Authors: I Wayan Winaja
Keywords: Function of Religion
Kesejagatan Era
Issue Date: Sep-2016
Publisher: Jurusan Komunikasi Penerangan Agama Fakultas Dharma Duta Institut Hindu Dharma Negeri Denpasar
Abstract: Recognition ofthe world as the word as one place to make the boundaries ofthe country to be relatively weak (run down), and the growing awareness ofglobal (Global Consciousness) in humans. This new awareness can break throughprimordial exclusivity ofsocial unity, kasatuan cultural and religious unity This is a consequence ofthe spirit ofliberty. In connection with it will be studied the meaning ofreligion in dealing with crises on kesejagatan era. Kesejagatan and challenges in the era of the third millennium is how to unite and draw on all three global forces (technological, economic, and moral) it wisely, by making the power of religion as a cornerstone. The crisis that swept the nation lately can not be separatedfrom the low spirit• lived religious spirit ofthe human. Thus, religion should be used as a way oflife, so it does not become the last bastion, but instead into the energy ofthe life ofthe nation itself. The concepts ofhonesty, openness, hard work, simplicity is essential in the kesejagatan are concepts that are rooted in religion. Would need to ponder together, to raise awareness on the development ofthe times, namely the concept of leadership, ethics, morals, education, sincerity, honesty, and the importance ofhuman resources (HR).
ISSN: 1978-1075
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