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Title: Koreografi Kekerasan Seksual dalam Kitab Sarasamuccaya
Authors: I Wayan Budi Utama
Keywords: religion, sexual violence
Issue Date: Dec-2006
Publisher: Pusat Studi Wanita Lembaga Penelitian Univ. Udayana bekerjasama dengan Biro Bina Kesejahteraan dan Pemberdayaan Perempuan Sekretariat Daerah Bali
Abstract: Religion as a narrow part in human life is considered that i can give the opportuity for the development of sexual violence to woman. Theologically Hindu gives a balance status between men and' woman because functionally both of them have the complementary character. The problem of Gender and sexual violence appear when functional paradigm about men and woman are positioned structually by the strengthened of patrilineaslism so it can caused woman as the sub-ordinate of men. Sarasamuscaya as one of Hindus holy also contains the elements of sexual violence to woman.
ISSN: 1412-0194
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