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Title: Politik Sentralisasi Kehutanan dalam Keragaman Kearifan Lokal
Authors: Ida Bagus Dharmika
Keywords: forestry centralized politics and local genius.
Issue Date: Oct-2008
Publisher: Pascasarjana UNHI
Abstract: The system of centralized politics in managing forestry sources has caused the marginality of forestry management system of which based on local genius. A further impact of this problem causes the emergence of social protests from the surrounding communities of the forest with various variants starting from shaman­ ism, hidden transcript, ngawenan till robbery of forestry. To avoid the bad forestry management, it is needed a social construction as an approach which states that the usage of forest resources as a factor of production is important for the community who live nearby. It means that forest behaves as the source of the community earn­ ings. However, self control, social control needs to be produced, because there a sign that money has become an orientation of life of the present human beings so that they do not take care again to religion and even it is used as an instrument for commercial purposes.
ISSN: 1693-0304
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