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Title: Dari Agama Komunal Hingga Agama Kapitalis : Studi Pendahuluan Tentang Evolusi Agama Hindu di Bali
Authors: Ida Bagus Dharmika
Issue Date: Oct-2006
Publisher: Pascasarjana UNHI
Abstract: Based on the ideas of Comte that the development of Hindu religion in Bali perhaps runs in accordance to the development of its society and culture, i.e., from agriculture society, society of kingdom and state till market soci­ ety. In agriculture society, culture is collective values shared by all, in the society of kingdom and state culture is a value which is determined by market pattern; and in the market society, culture become differential val­ ues and individual. In that development religion become the core value of a culture of the community that is practiced in the social life which is gradu­ ally becoming loose.
ISSN: 1693-0304
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